Family & Personal Law

The law firm provides excellent and much sought after legal services in relation to matrimonial counselling, divorce, maintenance, child custody, and domestic violence cases etc. In the family law market dominated by independently practicing Advocates, over the past few years SRCO Legal has emerged as the preferred institutional legal service provider. The breakdown of a family relationship is often the most difficult period in the lives of all concerned and should be handled with great understanding and sensitivity.

At SRCO Legal, we are able to talk you through the issues and options and help you decide the best way of proceeding in your particular case. We deal with a whole range of clients from those without substantial assets to high net worth individuals with assets in different jurisdictions.

When you look for a lawyer, choose someone you have confidence in, and with whom you have a good rapport. After all, you are trusting this person with assisting you in making decisions which may affect the rest of your life and perhaps the lives of your children. To meet the aforesaid requirement of our clients, we have a number of lawyers at SRCO Legal who are good and compassionate human beings.

At SRCO Legal, we are conscious of the costs involved in instructing a lawyer and we will consider whether it is financially worthwhile for you to adopt a course of action at any given stage.

Other Services

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