Labour & Industrial Matters

Our firm has a strong track record of providing exceptional legal services to companies facing various labour and employment-related challenges. With a team of highly experienced lawyers, we offer comprehensive assistance and guidance to our clients throughout the entire spectrum of labour and employment law.

Our expertise covers a wide range of labour and employment matters, including but not limited to, employment contracts, workplace policies, discrimination and harassment claims, employee benefits and compensation, labour negotiations, compliance with labour laws and regulations and employment-related litigation. We understand the complexities of the labour and employment landscape and have a deep knowledge of the legal framework governing this area.

In addition to our specialization in labour and employment law, we also offer expertise in related areas such as labour relations, occupational health and safety, employee privacy rights and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive approach enables us to provide comprehensive and tailored legal solutions to our clients, ensuring their compliance with labour laws and minimizing the risk of potential disputes.

Employment Contracts and Policies

We assist employers in drafting, reviewing and negotiating employment contracts and policies to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We also provide guidance to employees on understanding their rights and obligations under their employment agreements.

Termination and Severance
We guide employers through the termination process helping them navigate legal requirements and minimize potential risks. For employees, we provide advice on severance packages and negotiate on their behalf to secure fair and favorable outcomes.

Compliance and Audits
We assist employers in ensuring compliance with labour and employment laws, conducting audits to identify potential vulnerabilities or areas of improvement. Our proactive approach helps clients mitigate risks and maintain legal compliance in all aspects of their employment practices.

Discrimination and Harassment Claims
Our team specializes in handling discrimination and harassment claims, both in the workplace and during the recruitment process. We provide strategic advice, conduct investigations and represent clients in negotiations or litigation, aiming to protect their rights and promote a fair and inclusive work environment.

Employment Disputes and Litigation
In the event of employment disputes, we offer strong representation to both employers and employees. Our lawyers are well-versed in mediation, arbitration and litigation strategies, working diligently to protect our clients’ interests and achieve the best possible resolution.

Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining
Our team advises both employers and trade unions on matters related to collective bargaining, union negotiations and dispute resolution. We strive to facilitate productive relationships between parties while protecting our clients’ rights and interests.

Other Services

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