Property & Real Estate

At Salvador Raghav & Co., our team of property lawyers has in-depth knowledge of all substantive laws governing property matters. Our lawyers are well-versed in contract law, the Specific Relief Act, the Land Revenue Act, RERA, Town Planning Act, and the Civil Procedure Code. We offer a range of legal services, including legal advice, litigation support, legal documentation, and online drafting services. Our team of property lawyers provides litigation support to clients in the Gujarat High Court, Civil Courts at Ahmedabad, and the Supreme Court of India. 

Our services include:

  • Legal advice and documentation services: We provide legal advice and documentation services for a variety of property matters, including real estate projects, joint ventures, housing colonies and townships, FDI advice, and zoning issues in the city master plan. We also provide drafting services for Lease Deed, License Agreement, Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, General Power of Attorney, Earnest Money receipts, Assignment Deeds, Builder agreement, and others.
  • Litigation support: Our lawyers are well-equipped to handle a range of property-related disputes and litigation matters, such as civil suits, partition suits, lease and license matters, family estate distribution matters, mesne profit matters, rent matters, stay-on demolition matters, arbitration proceedings, town planning matters, and implementation of arbitration awards. We also provide online legal services and advice for property disputes, ownership transfer, construction, evaluation, conversion, and due diligence on the property title and compliance aspects.

Why Choose Us?

At Salvador Raghav & Co., we have a dedicated team of property lawyers with in-depth knowledge of all substantive laws and a detailed understanding of statutory interpretation. We exhibit analytical fact collection, legitimate research, and representation cohesively. Our team consists of a mix of experienced and young lawyers who are competent to represent your case at Civil Court, RERA, Town Planning Authorities, High Court, and Supreme Court.

Our lawyers understand the importance of references, case studies, and underlying fundamentals related to property matters. They have thorough research abilities and are well-trained to represent your case aptly in front of the presiding Judge. They acknowledge the importance of evidence at every stage of appeal and are versed in articulating arguments for the case accordingly.

Other Services

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